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HERR OBER curates unique and hidden city spots, local favorites, and revisits the classics, creating a platform for our community that values not only design and quality but also the idea of individual scenes. The places here are great not because of what they are, but because of who we are and who we become while we are there. Landmarks may fade, but the feeling of ease that comes from finding your place — or, the place where the cast likes to hang out — is timeless and universal.

“HERR OBER,” is a traditional German term used to politely address a male waiter. Historically, it referred to the head waiter.

HERR OBER curates hidden city spots known only to a select few. These are need-to-know locations recommended by locals, and the list also revisits old classics. From cool cafés and hidden bars to secret dinner spots, shopping locations, and an exclusive selection of hotels, art galleries, and more. Become part of an exciting global community and gain access to exclusive events and places.

“Herr Ober” is a German expression used to politely address a waiter in a restaurant or café. It literally translates to “Mr. Waiter” in English, reflecting a formal and respectful way to get the server’s attention.



Fae Ramona Fazeli

Growing up in Germany, I always thought the world was too big and exciting to stay in one place. Consequently, I traveled extensively and lived in various places, including Milan, Dubai, Berlin, and LA. Working in the luxury fashion and finance industry with brands like Prada, Dior and Valentino taught me what makes a product and even a place unique.

To find these places, I would typically ask friends and locals for recommendations. HERR OBER was essentially created out of a need for a single, easy-to-navigate platform Just as in an e-commerce platform where the best edits are easy to find and to navigate through, as I learned from my work experience at Mytheresa, the idea for Herr Ober was born.

Herr Ober adopts a boutique-like approach with selective edits. It serves as a bridge between classics and hidden gems, providing local recommendations. Whether they’re luxury or low-profile. We all lead a similar lifestyle, one founded on discovery and openness, encompassing different cultures and experiences worldwide.

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